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What’s Your COREscoreTM?

At Grand Falls Chiropractic Wellness Centre, we offer high-tech COREscore™ assessment with our Insight Subluxation Station. Your COREscore™ represents a powerful and simplified way for us to measure and report your dramatic changes while under chiropractic care. By using three distinct sensors we can measure the efficiency of your central nervous system and determine how chronic stress is affecting your overall health. You can expect to receive your assessment during your first visit to our office.

Surface EMG

Grand Falls Chiropractor Surface EMG Scan

Example of an EMG Scan, where Red shows severe tension followed by Blue and Green

This exam evaluates the function of the muscles that support and move your spine. These muscles are controlled by the motor nerves running within it. This test measures how much energy is needed to maintain your posture and how it is distributed throughout the muscles. If too much energy is used when your spine is out of balance, this test score will be lower than normal. Muscle fatigue and poor energy distribution are signs of a person’s entire health being under stress. By precisely measuring muscle activity, your progress can be followed as your spine and nerves releases tension.

Thermal Scan

The Thermal Scan is used to assess the part of your nervous system that controls your organs, glands and blood vessels; your autonomic nervous system. The instrument does this by precisely measuring differences in temperature along the spine. Temperature is an accurate indicator as to where stress is building up and how deeply it affects bodily functions. Each organ system relies on clear and balanced nerve signals to work efficiently. Nerve interference that is detected by the sensor is used by the doctors to plan health and wellness strategies.

Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) helps the doctors to determine your overall ability to adapt to the environment. It assesses the timing of your pulse, and determines the balance and tension within your nervous system. Accumulated stress from subluxations and poor lifestyle habits can cause your body to be stuck in the “fight-flight” response. This can lead to exhaustion and a draining of your reserves and lowered immune system function among other health problems. The doctors will tailor your adjustments to improve the balance of your nervous system.

The COREscore ™

The data from these tests are compiled and then calculations are made to create your Core Score™.  Your COREscore™ is based on a scale from 0 – 100. The higher the number, the better the communication along those important nerves. Your score will tell us how much interference is in your communication core and how we can begin to help you. Your score will be re-measured periodically to measure your progress as you move toward 100!

Ready to get your COREscore™? Contact us today to make your appointment.

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