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GFWellness48Caryn Guimont, Registered Massage Therapist

Born and raised in Grand Falls, NB, Caryn spent over 15 amazing years working within their family owned business. After becoming a mother, she took this opportunity to set new goals and take on a new adventure. She chose to venture in a field she knew she would find rewarding by helping people within her community.

Caryn completed her studies at The Atlantic College of Therapeutic Massage in Fredericton, NB.  Graduated valedictorian of her class, while raising a baby sums up her dedication and passion for both her family and new profession.

She offers many types of massages; Therapeutic, Relaxation, Hot Stones, Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Lymphatic Drainage and Pregnancy Massage.

She wants to leave you with a quote:  Turn “I want to” into “I can do” trust that you will get there.

Caryn and the rest of the team at Grand Falls Chiropractic Wellness Centre are ready to help. Contact us today!


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