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Grand Falls Chiropractic lifestyle

Grand Falls Chiropractor Promotes Wellness

french_btnI am Dr. Carole Ouellette (Chiropractor), and together with my team, Mylène Caron (chiropractic health assistant/reception), Jessica Bellefleur (social media specialist), Debbra Cyr-Lebel (psychologist), Caryn Guimont, RMT and Monica Pelletier, RMT (massage therapist), Claude Beaulieu (Psychologist), Monica Desjardins (Chiropractic Assistant), and Danyka Boulay (Registered Therapeutic Counselor) would like to invite you through our doors and become familiar with who we are.


Dr. Carole Ouellette

Family-oriented Practice Serving the Madawaska-Victoria County

We are a family oriented practice. That means we see people of all ages from newborn to elderly. We love seeing families! Our goal is to get to know you, listen to your needs and inspire you to take steps toward increased vitality and health through the chiropractic lifestyle. In other words, to become THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF!

Our care ranges from pain relief, to corrective, to wellness chiropractic. We always recommend what’s best for you, but the ultimate choice is ALWAYS YOURS! Most of our members begin care due to a specific symptom but quickly realize that chiropractic care is much more than that; it’s all about getting well and staying well for life!

“We are here to honor the inborn potential of everyone to be truly healthy.”

Grand Falls Chiropractic Wellness Centre Strives to Empower You

We seek to remove subluxation interference so the body can heal itself and function at its best. We strive to educate you, empower you and guide you toward the chiropractic lifestyle of: Get Adjusted • Eat Clean • ?Fit • Think+ • Sleep Deep. We are grateful to witness nature’s miracles and for the privilege to serve others.

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Pour votre commodité, nous vous offrons de nombreuses pages de notre site en français. Si vous avez des questions n’hésiter pas à nous contacter et il nous fera un plaisir de vous aider.

Contact us today, to schedule your spinal wellness check up. We would love the opportunity to be part of your health care team!

Grand Falls Chiropractor serving Edmundston, Drummond, St-André Saint-Léonard, New Denmark, Perth-Andover, as well as Presque Isle and Caribou, ME | (506) 582-2000