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GFWellness77Claude Beaulieu, Psychologist

Claude Beaulieu is a licensed clinical psychologist since 2006.  He worked for adult services at the Edmundston Community Mental Health Centre and then acted as a healthcare consultant for the Department of Health.  He now owns the Imagio Wellness Centre where he has a very busy psychology practice.   He uses the scientific approaches to positive psychology and acceptance and engagement therapy that will be at the heart of his interventions.

SERVICES OFFERED CLINICAL PSYCOLOGY: for an adult clientele with different clinical problems related to mood, anxiety, coping and stress.

PERFORMANCE PSYCHOLOGY: For junior athletes or top athletes, as well as amateurs or simply people who want to get fit. Performance psychology services that will help maximize your potential.

LIFE COACH: For people who do not have clinical problems, but who are looking to overcome a dead end, improve their quality of life or achieve a goal.

SPECIALIZED TRAINING: for corporation/enterprise who wish to prevent or reduce the incidence of workplace violence.

CONFERENCES: Claude offers various types of conferences focusing on personal well-being.  The Boomerang Effect is an inspirational conference that addresses the importance of the attitude we have with ourselves, others and life.  Visit the Facebook page ( or web link ( for more information on the conferences.

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