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Cold Laser Therapy in Grand Falls

Cold laser therapy in Grand Falls

Theralase treatments are safe, effective and painless

Grand Falls Chiropractic Wellness Centre uses Theralase Therapeutic Laser Treatments to provide patients with a safe, effective and painless therapy that uses the body’s own natural healing systems to relieve pain, increase joint mobility, increase tissue integrity and promote cell regeneration.

Theralase is a highly effective tool to use on fractures, torn ligaments and inflammation and works most effectively on acute injuries. This technology is the same used in the Blue Jays dugout. It goes deep into your problem area and delivers oxygen to your cells to speed healing, decrease inflammation and can even help fractures heal more quickly.

Therapeutic Laser Biological Effects

Therapeutic lasers work by supplying energy to the body in the form of billions of photons of light. The body absorbs this laser light on a cellular level and transforms it into chemical energy, which the body then uses to commence its own tissue repairs. The biostimulating effect of laser therapy causes a decrease in inflammation and pain and an increase in tissue regeneration and healing.

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Cold Laser Therapy for Grand Falls and surrounding communities
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