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Patient Stories

Relief for colds chest

“I had severe chest cold with a persistent cough regularly since the age of nine. Since that time, I had an average of three times a year. Since the beginning of my chiropractic treatments with Dr. Carole Ouellette Three years ago, I have not had a chest cold and no headache lasted more than a week. I find it advantageous to follow a regular adjustment program and have an additional adjustment when I feel the onset of a cold. ” GS, Ottawa

Back pain during pregnancy

“Like most people, I assumed that my back pain was just a normal part of pregnancy. I went to see Dr. Ouellette to the recommendation of my doula to ensure the fetal position of my second son (something that we have not done in my first design, leading to an unnecessarily longer work). After a few chiropractic visits my back pain has disappeared, which was a very pleasant and unexpected result. Dr. Ouellette took a sincere interest in my health and well-being. I am completely satisfied with the level of care and personalized service I receive during my chiropractic visits have become regular now.
“AD, Ottawa

A fetus seat position

“At 30 weeks of pregnancy, we discovered an ultrasound that our baby was in breech position. In the beginning, I have not given too much importance, since I had been assured that the baby will probably return of himself. Four weeks later, the baby’s position had not changed and my doctor had scheduled a Caesarean section ‘if’. I then went to what extent account was important for me to make the experience a natural birth at least once (it was my first child). read more

I wanted to help my baby to turn, I wanted to regain control of my pregnancy. My doula I suggested various strategies to move the baby, including chiropractic manipulation I was surprised, curious and a little nervous…. I had never been to a chiropractor before Dr. Ouellette was incredibly patient and kind She m ‘explained that the manipulation could do and how it could help. I never felt pressed or under pressure, we proceed only when I was ready. At the end, the baby is placed and the surgery was canceled. A beautiful effect of the manipulations was that the baby had come down far enough before the work begins and it was well positioned to delivery. My little boy is healthy and arrived after about four hours of active work and after only 15 minutes to push. “[/ Toggle]

ED, Ottawa

Help for small

“My little boy was constipated from birth which caused him much pain. I did check by Dre. Ouellette and found some distortion in his spine. His coat was full within minutes of receipt his first fit. It is adjusted regularly to ensure that it grows well and healthy. Thank you Dr. O!
“MO, Kanata

Deep gratitude

“Let me offer my deepest gratitude to the extra attention you have given to my care. If you had not found out my pelvic misalignment I would have lost the hope of one day feel better. You are a special person.


“I had headaches since my teens. Since my chiropractic visits began, my migraines stopped. After giving birth to my daughter, I had back pain. The chiropractor really helped me and the pain disappeared
Grand Falls, NB

Difficulty walking

“I really appreciate Dr.. Ouellette, she took the time to take care of me when I was having difficulty walking. She even opened its office when it was closed, I will not forget it! It wasted no time and sent me to x-rays to see what the problem was. Thank you.
Grand Falls, NB

Back to normal

“My health has improved tremendously since the beginning of my chiropractic visits. Often I had to stay in bed, I could not walk or do the activities I wanted to do with my child. Carole helped me a lot and continues to do so. With his help and techniques, my condition has improved by 80% so far.
Grand Falls, NB

Neck pain and shoulder

“I had a lot of pain to the shoulders and neck and Dre. Ouellette helped me get rid of this! I also had a lot of knee pain and now it’s almost gone!”
Grand Falls, NB

Care for the whole family

“My husband is the first to have visited a chiropractor. Since his first visit, he brought me and our daughters to see the benefits of chiropractic care. I’m not disappointed! These treatments have helped tremendously!”
Grand Sault, NB

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