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Nicole Leblanc-Ouellette, Registered Nurse Specialized In Foot Care

After the completion of her post-secondary education in 1988, Nicole pursued a degree in Psychology at Université de Moncton with one goal in mind; to complete her Master’s degree. In 1992,she received her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. But having been compelled into the nursing profession from an early age, she decided to follow her heart and pursue her dream of becoming a nurse. She enrolled in the Bachelor’s degree in Nursing program and in 1995, proudly received her diploma. Nicole started her career at the Hotel Dieu St-Joseph Hospital in Perth-Andover where she passionately worked in her profession for a period of 3 years and gained experience in the medical,surgical,maternity and pediatric fields. Thereafter, she was offered a temporary position at the Mental Health Clinic of the region where she worked as a case manager. In 1998, Nicole joined the Extra-Mural team in Grand Falls and worked as a casual nurse. She provided acute and palliative home care for a period of 4 years. In 2002, Nicole worked for Public Health in the Plaster Rock region for a year and acquired further experience in the community nursing. She worked as a case manager in the prenatal and postnatal program and she did preschool screening as well as seasonal, school, and childhood immunization program. It’s in 2005 that she became a permanent Public Health staff member in the Perth-Andover office, area where she’s been working until now. Nicole is now a nurse specialized in podology( foot care). She took her training in Quebec at “Centre de Formation Avancé en soins de Santé Denise Pothier”; a highly reputable school in the field and received her certification in December 2016. Nicole is an experienced nurse with a lot of integrity who wishes to offer to her clients well rounded services of professional quality. She assures confidentiality and a personalised approach based on her clients needs. For the past decade, Nicole has also been offering holistic/energy treatments. Because the nursing approach views the client in his entirety which includes the physical,emotional,mental and spiritual levels, Nicole always demonstrated great curiosity and interest to the holistic component of health. Being compelled to work in the healing profession, she took many training in the field of alternative medicine.Nicole reinforces the fact that we all have the ability to heal and and be in charge of our own health and the holistic approach is an essential component for our well-being. Nicole is a Reiki Master, Certified Practitioner in Quantum Touch,Certified Practitioner in Theta Healing Basic and Advance DNA, Apprentice Healing Touch Practitioner and she also has other certification such as Love Energetics, Spiritual Alignment Connection S.A.C,Qigong. Nicole is a passionate holistic healer and her healing sessions are always for the highest good of her client and are of the best quality. If you wish to book a healing session with her, you can call 506-473-1353 or 506-477-8672. Nicole is proud to join Dre. Carole Ouellette’s team. In foot care her services with include the following (non-exhaustive list): ● Nail trimming of normal and problematic nails :ingrown nails,fungus, nail dystrophy(thick) ● Thinning and remodeling as needed ● Reduction of the hyperkeratosis( corns,callus,cracked heels) ● Care of the ingrown nail and athlete’s foot ● Assessment of the shoe and orthosis ● Teaching on how to adequately trim nails and personalized hygienic measures ● Specialized diabetic foot care

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